Performance solution that provides the professional with objective biomechanical data in a real-world environment

Our solution ensures objective clinical information and patient progress reports. With an intuitive interface, PIIXMED iSports Pro allows the cross-referencing of information from various bioelectrical signals, providing a comprehensive and complete analysis. The portability of our technology, WBS Patch, gives you the freedom to closely monitor patient performance in the real world, outside the centre. In addition, we offer comprehensive training for professionals directly in our application. Learn how to interpret information effectively, maximising the potential of our device

PIIXMED™ iSports Pro

  • Cost-efficient, user-friendly and AI-powered Platform (SaaS)

  • Objective biomechanical data

  • Advanced analysis of signals in a matter of seconds

  • Access from anywhere to training or competition data

WBS™ Patch

  • “3-in-1” system: Integration of sEMG, IMU and NIRS in a single interconnectable device

  • Wireless, ergonomic and lightweight wearable system

  • Use in real conditions of use and different environments